Entry level equipment packages (2012 season)

These packages are examples of what I suggest you buy to get into the sport for the first time or if you are upgrading to modern equipment from old touring or wooden skis.  These are not performance skis but will serve you well and can become your rock skis when you upgrade to better skis later.  No need to upgrade boots as that's where we put our money.  If you go on to serious racing you might want to get into a high end boot.  "Rock Skis" are very important in these days of low snowfall. Many times we are skiing on only an inch or two of snow with no idea what's under it.  It's a shame to ruin an expensive pair of skis in such situations.  So enter the market low and upgrade later and use the old ones for marginal conditions.  Boots have to fit so make sure they are comfortable. Don't be afraid to splurge on good boots.  The ones below are very good.  You can spend twice as much to get lighter and a bit more performance, but there definitely is a  point of  "Diminishing Returns".  I'll help you figure that out.

These prices will be available at FinnSisu during our buying event.  We'll also go to Joe's for a slightly diff selection of items.  You also get professional fit assistance that you won't get at stores like REI or Midwest Mtn  or online.  Watch e-mails for event times

There are upgrades and modifications that can be made.  Be sure to talk to  me at the events or by e-mail. I recommend getting you waxing supplies at Joes and your equipment at FinnSisu.