Group Fat Bike Buy (Prices good until Nov 15)

5 to 9 Current model Fat Bikes: (Full selection of sizes)

10 or more Current model Fat Bikes:  (Full selection of sizes)


Now Bikes carries Felt, Salsa, Otso, and limited 9Zero7

Felt DD 70: Retails for $1350

Salsa Beargrease NX1: Retails for $1999

Special pricing on previous year's bikes as listed below (limited sizes) First-come-first-serve  (listed on their website)


Whiteout Carbon Large Green GX 1X11 with an upgraded carbon cockpit

Retail  $3699   Member Special pricing $2950

Whiteout Aluminum Large Green NX1 2017

Retail $1999.99  Member Special pricing $1299

Tundra NX1 Blue Large

Retail $1999  Member Special pricing $1699


Salsa Mukluk X1 Green/Black 2017 Small

Retail $3499  Member Special pricing $2799

Mukluk Carbon GX1 Small Dark Red

Retail $2700  Member Special pricing $2200

Mukluk X7 Aluminum YELLOW LARGE 2016

Retail 2000  Member Special pricing $1450

Beargrease X5 2016 XL DEMO

Retail $1599  Member Special Pricing $1100


Felt DD30 Gloss Red  21"

Retail  $1699 Member Special pricing $1200

Here are links to the mfg website for specs.


2018 Voytek


2018 Felt DD Series Bikes


2018 Mukluk

2018 Beargrease