Oct 17: Lake Elmo
  • Oct 17: Mtn Bike ride Lake Elmo 5:30
    • Same as last week
    • Brings lights for a 2nd lap
    • Pole Hike Lake Elmo 7pm

 A New Season and a New Structure

Ride and Glide will now offer Year-Round Cycling and Winter XC Ski Instruction.  Every year, in late September, you need to join and select Biking Only ($10) or Skiing (which includes biking, see below).  In the Winter we will have the usual Tuesday night ski classes and there will also be Fat or Mtn Bikes rides at Lake Elmo.  This change to the biking portion of the club allows us to promote year long biking.  Road riding in the Spring and Summer, Mtn, Gravel, and Fat in the Fall and Winter.  The skiing portion is pretty much unchanged.

See below for a description of the club and sign-up

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  Event Calendar                      

  • Nov 7 : Ski Instruction Starts
  • Jan 14: Birke Tour
  • Jan 20: Lake Elmo Clinic
  • Jan 20: World Masters
  • Jan 27: COL
  • Feb: Vasaloppet
  • Feb 23: Korte
  • Feb 24: Birke
  • Mar 3: R&G Duathlon
  • Mar 10: Fat Bike Birke


                              Sign up here --------> JOIN          
  • Who : Bikers, Skiers, Runners, Rowers, Tri-athletes, Racers, Tourists, Winter People
  • Beginners Welcome   
  • See Club FAQ   
  • Ability level definitions
  • What : Cross Country ski instruction and workouts.
  • Beginners through advanced. 
  • Only requirement is that you love Winter (or want to!),
  • Loaner skate equipment is available.
  • Mtn/Fat Bike Tuesday night rides at Lake Elmo
    • Demo Fat Bikes available
    • Other locations may be used for bike rides
  • Weekend informal bike and ski outings
  • Where : Lake Elmo Regional Park (Skiing and Winter Biking)
    • Summer Biking from White Bear Lake
  •  Elm Creek Regional Park (Skiing only)
  • When Every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM at your location.
  • Beginning Nov 7 through Feb
  • It is not necessary to attend every session
  • Informal rollerski workouts begin around Sept 15
    • roller skis are not required for club membership
  • Weekend Dryland Workouts beginning ASAP
  • Weekend Biking when the muse hits us
    • Tue night biking already underway
  • Summer Biking is 5:45 from Ramsey Beach WBL
  • Why : To improve your enjoyment of Skiing
  • To make you a faster and more efficient skier
  • To allow you to go further and longer with less effort
  • To Maintain your cycling fitness over the Winter
  • To get into On Snow Fat Biking
  • To ride in a group in the Summer
  •  We are  not a racing club, racing is not required, Tourists welcome
  •  To meet new people to ski and bike with. 
  •  The advanced ski group will have a workout component
  •  Biking is not a required part of the ski group, It's optional.
  • Fees : (fees reduced this year)
    • Bad Past Winters promotion
  • Skiing : $50 for new members, $40 for returning members. 
    • $5 couples discount
    •  16  years of age and over
  • Biking : $10 for the whole year (No skiing)
  • Sign up soon, Skiing will fill up. 
  • Skiing fees go up in late Oct.

   Ongoing Events                  


Summer Bike Stuff

Here's a definition of a warm-up.   About 17-18mph on the flats.  Take it easy on the hills.  About 20 minutes.  In other words you shouldn't be going as hard as you can. Caution:  Too slow is dangerous as the people in the back of a big pack keep running up on the front guys.  Just take what the roads give you during the warm-up.

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