Montreal Haus Rentals, Montreal Wisconsin

John Council (920) 733-3615 or Ride and Glide Ski Club ( (Twin Cities contact)

Overview Montreal Wisconsin                                                                               Local streets


Directions to Montreal: Come in from Mellon on 77 directly into Montreal. From Superior on US2 or Minocqua on US51; go into Hurley and then west out to Montreal on 77.  Once in Montreal there are five houses indicated by the 5 red dots.  The single one on top is Haus 130.  The cluster of four starting from the upper left and going clockwise are Haus 18, 20, 21, and 19.  Parking between 18 and 20 off the alley and between 19 and 21 off the alley.  Parking for 130 off of Ohio Ave.  The cross street at the cluster is Laurence.

18 20

19 21

There are 2 houses represented by green dots.  The 2 black dots are other houses shown for completeness.  From the left the green and black houses are #10, 12, 14, and 16.    In recent years we have been staying in #10 and #14.  Don't look for these as house numbers.  Go by the location.  Parking is accessed from the alley behind the houses.  The cross street between the 2 clusters is called Laurence St.

Directions to ABR:                                                                                                     Directions to Wolverine:

ABR: From Montreal Haus Rentals go east on 77 all the way into Hurley.  Go though downtown Hurley.  The second stop sign is US51.  See map.  Follow red line on map Go under railroad bridge.  As road heads up hill veer right at fork in road onto McLeod Ave.  Stay on McLeod until the road turns a sharp left, go straight ahead and curve down to right.  Go south on Southrange Rd all the way to ABR .

Wolverine:  Follow the same route as the ABR map but when the road turns a sharp left, take the left instead of going straight ahead.  Go north to US2.  Go through town and out on to the divided US2 east of town.  There's a sign on the left side of the road for Wolverine Ski Trails.  Head north and then turn right on Hillcrest.  The parking lot and warming house are on your right in about a 1/4 mile.