Technique clips from World Cup races (Visualization practice)  (more later as I find them)  V1  (notice how smooth and slow they move)  really good form Classic   V1 GOOD

XC Stuff found on youtube  Birke Fever described  Birke 2012 story  crazy Russian rollerskiing  V2 dryland DanceLine  everything that's beautiful about our sport more race footage (get fired up)  race/sport/touring/backcountry  watch my waxing method and how stuff is made  Vancouver Olympics (crank up the volume)  funny xc is hard for newbie's, do you see your technique  (warning language)  Very good footage.  WATCH/STUDY/LEARN/VISUALIZE

Instructional segments from XCZONE

People learn in several different ways. 

I find most people use a combination of the above.  If you're an Analyzer and Watcher the XCZONE videos are for you.  Warning some of the explanations are excruciating  fs, 2 skate, v2 alt   v2, 1-skate      v1     double pole   diagonal  Ski Walking


xczone all 14 videos

2013 WC races thanks to club member Vince (be sure to click full screen)

  1. You classic people be sure to watch the mens 15k from Canmore.  Really nice classic skiing