V1 Skating Technique: Body Positions and Timing      (Steve Thatcher 01/23/04)

Suitable for level or moderately uphill terrain (This if for learning.  V1 is most used for hills, but beginners use it a lot on the flats) , assuming strong side right.  This describes three of the various positions attained in the V1 skate technique.  Many people have a hard time learning the V1.  These pictures and descriptions should help you understand the movements and positions that are required to do the V1 technique  Many timing variations are possible once you learn the basics.  If you practice your V1 this way you will develop a solid V1 foundation which can be fine tuned as your balance and timing improve. This is a starting point for learning and a list of checkpoints for analyzing the more accomplished skater.
Image of 3 positions (display this image when reading descriptions below)

Quicktime  video  (4 meg) from which these frames were taken.  Download Quicktime for free

Position 1:

Transition 1-2:

Position 2:

Transition 2-3:

Position 3:

Transition 3-1: